Our Story

The problem: all software has bugs, this has and probably will never change. Pair this with increasing software complexity, a culture of "MVPs" and building things faster, it's getting harder and harder to maintain a high quality in products, which ultimately hurts the end users.

We're building a tool that help engineers, product managers, QAs and other report technical issues easier and more precise so that they can be fixed faster. Thereby helping product teams spend less time on bugs, and more time in building higher quality features.

Our values

Lean and performant. This value applies to how we design the product, shape our team, and approach our work.

Build something we want/need to use ourselves. We're a software product team building a product for software product teams. If we don't need what we're building, no one else will.

Help each other grow through real feedback. Everyone tries to improve their products by trying to gather genuine user feedback, why shouldn't the same apply to ourselves? It's so easy to say the nice things that people like to hear. We place particular emphasis on creating a team where people feel comfortable saying what matters.

Current openings


  • Latest software (GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear, Figma)
  • Latest MacBook Pro (or PC if you prefer), displays and accessories
  • Remote working - or if you live in Berlin, work in our office whenever you feel like it
  • Flexible work hours
  • 30 days paid vacations
  • Weekly remote team activities to keep the spirits high