Senior Frontend Engineer (Vue.js / GraphQL / Browser Extension)

Job description

At Bird, we're creating software that help companies build better products. We believe the era of moving fast and breaking things is over, and the next generation of successful products are those that try to do less, but do it exceptionally well. For us, this means delivering more focused products, and paying extra attention to the quality of design, code and reliability.

We're a small team of generalists and specialists (currently at 9 people) who have a passion for products and like to work in a cross-functional way: our engineers are required to comment on early designs, while our designers understand and can jump into code. If you share our interest in building quality products and enjoy being challenged, then we'd love to hear from you.

Things you'll do

  • R&D of new technology that will shape the future of the product and business.
  • Implement improvements on the existing product based on user feedback.
  • Improve DevOps, infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, system monitoring and tracing.
  • Give feedback on designs at the earliest stages - we involve our developers in signing off designs.
  • Help scope the features you build alongside our product managers.

Job requirements

  • You love, and are confident, in what you do. We don't care about degrees or years of experience - you just need to impress us with your ability and passion in your work.
  • We click. At the end of the day, we just want to have a team where everyone enjoys working together and support each other to grow.
  • You manage yourself. You'll be responsible for your own work. So you should be comfortable planning and figuring things out on your own, and able to ask for help when it's needed.
  • You care about getting feedback and giving it. Saying somethings you believe in which might be difficult for the receiver to hear is hard, but essential for growth. We want to work with people that we can have honest and real discussions with.
  • You care about giving and receiving honest feedback. We strongly believe in the importance of having a team environment where people can feel comfortable sharing honest opinions and feedback with each other.
  • We employ worldwide (with some caveats). If you are a German tax resident - we can offer full time employment. For anyone else we can only offer contract employment at this time as we are unfortunately not able to provide any visa or relocation support.
  • Excellent spoken and written english.


  • Latest software (GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear, Figma)
  • Latest MacBook Pro (or PC if you prefer), displays and accessories
  • Remote working - or if you live in Berlin, work in our office whenever you feel like it
  • Flexible work hours
  • 30 days paid vacations