Technical Content Writer

Job description

At Bird, we're creating software that helps companies build better digital products. We believe the era of moving fast and breaking things is over, and the next generation of successful products are those that try to do less, but do it exceptionally well. For us, this means delivering more focused products, and paying extra attention to the quality of design, code and reliability.

About this role

Have a knack for writing about software development? We’re looking for developers who’d like to write for us and help us raise the quality level of our content even further—this is a paid part-time position. We want to build long-term relationships with writers who care about their subject matter and their work. 

Write technical content related to Bird Eats Bug or software development and we will compensate you between $100-$300 for each article of yours that we publish, depending on the quality and scope of the article.

What we're looking for
Passionate developers who love writing informative content. We’re looking for original content—we will not republish anything that's been published elsewhere. Here are some of the categories we’re looking for writers on:

  • Technical - Vue, Hasura, Google Cloud, JavaScript, GraphQL, TailwindCSS, Node.js, Fastify, Chrome extensions, QA, testing.
    Each article should be at least 1500 words long and include detailed instructions/steps, how to’s and so on.

  • Productivity - Hacks, learnings, tools, tips, etc.
    These articles should help developers improve + speed up their processes.

Job requirements

  • Strong knowledge/experience in software development and mindset
  • You're a native English speaker or can write English at a native level
  • Experience with explaining technical things to non-technical people, gathering information independently
  • Intermediate to advanced experience in creating technical content (please share with us some samples of your work)